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About Me 

 HI ! i'm pretty, aka Camerin. I was born and raised mostly in North Carolina, and I moved to Atlanta at age 12. God😫 we moved around a lot! I was super shy and started playing with fl studio to pass time by, when you're an only child, shy, and new you get pretty bored. I started producing on and off at 14 but I was never serious about it because i wanted to be a rapper🤔..go figure 🙄lol. Around 15-16 yrs old I really started going hard, i'd come home from school jump on fl studio and make beats all day. Once I graduated high school I went to the Art Institute of Atlanta and received my bachelors of arts in audio engineering. A few skills I picked up along the way; sound design, mixing,engineering, foley. I'd like to consider myself a quadruple threat lol I model, sing, rap, and produce. Logic pro x and fl studio are my go to programs now.

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